Union Scientists Honored for Tesla Drive Contributions

Tshwane– President Magashule attended a ceremony today recognizing the Union scientists who took part in the Tesla Drive Multinational Coalition. Held at the National Institutes of Technology campus in Tshwane, the proceedings honored the fifty researchers who had pushed forward the drive’s development.

The Tesla Drive, named after an obscure 20th century European scientist, was declared a success earlier this week after announcements from Byzantion revealed that it would successfully deliver vessels as far as Mars in a handful of hours. While the majority of the Union’s contribution was spearheaded by NIT-Tshwane, the chairman of the People’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research affirmed that this was a cooperative effort which saw the involvement of the entire NIT system in working together with international counterparts.

It is expected that the development of the Tesla Drive will bring the President’s Freedom Day promises regarding space exploration into reality, as it makes much of the solar system far more accessible to humanity. The People’s Space Council has already affirmed its interest in the new technology.