To the Middle Kingdom

The last few decades had been fairly peaceful, with trade and industry on the front of the minds of those in Finland. With the war in Europe wrapping up the focus once again turned towards this and movements were made to talk to one of the most important nations in the economic world. It was determined that it would thus be a good idea to reach out to the Chinese to discuss the future of trade.

Your Excellency,

I hope that all is going well in China today. I have always admired your rich culture and I hope that there is nothing happening to disturb such a thing.

I write you to ask for a meeting to discuss the economic futures of not just Finland and China, but the world at large. Certain things have come up that I think would expand our ability to trade. As China is one of the largest economies in the world, I would love to work alongside it to usher the world into a new era.

As such we would like to host a meeting in Helsinki, or a Chinese venue of your choice, whichever is more convenient for your government.

Kind regards,
Konsta Selänne, Prime Minister

While the Chinese Republic had been more inward-focused over the past century, working on rebuilding a strong Chinese state, recent events had caused a reevaluation of diplomacy by the political elite of the republic. Thus, when news arrived that Finland seemingly was reaching out to China, while Finland certainly wasn’t the first foreign country many thought of, it was nevertheless welcomed and a response was sent that China would be willing to send its Premier Liu to Helsinki.