The odd alliance

It should go without saying, that the Athenian federation and polish confederation have never really seen eye to eye. In fact, perfect contentment was with the two being apart and respectfully letting the two go on as long as they didn’t interfere with the other. But times change, they had a common enemy, polish troops were surging after Athenian citizens were slaughtered and president Duda knew the federation would want to strike back.

For the first time in decades a polish president requested an Athenian representative to Warsaw to discuss a temporary military alliance against Germany.

Considering the nature of the ongoing state of emergency and the needs of the most senior leaders to stay close to Athens, the government was forced to send a less prominent official to Poland than the country would usually be worthy of. This was something that would need to be fixed in another meeting. Until then however the Magistrate of European Affairs was the highest official they could miss. The Ministry would send a reply to Poland thanking them for their involvement in Germany and informing them that the Magistrate of European Affairs, Anna Kozarovska, would travel to Poland.

The Athenian rep would be well received but it was clear security was at an all time high. An armed escort of PC troops would take the representative to the presidential palace in Warsaw.

The palace was a moderate looking building, built in 1960 a few years following Poland’s freedom from the Soviet occupation. Kozarovska would be escorted and treated very well by Polish officials though it would be clear the country on was on high alert and made it a point to not make it obvious she was with them.

When they arrived at the palace she would be taken to a room in the Eastern wing, President Vizimir would be there with some of his assistants. “Magistrate, welcome to Poland. I wish it were under better circumstances but…given this situation I think you can understand why we’re keeping this clean, cut and to the point.” he spoke to her in the common language of the Athenian Federation to accommodate showing that old Confederate polite attitude the Northern Eastern European nation had tried to build on for the last several years. One of the assistants would bring a tray of drinks and offer to serve Kozarovska something.

Anna nodded at the President with a smile. “Thank you, your excellency. I too wish I could visit your most beautiful country under better circumstances. But fate has a most annoying habit of ignoring our wishes. Of course I do hope there will be possibilities for a repeat when things are settled in the west under more peaceful circumstances”

When the tray came in Anna would take a glass of spring water off it as she sat down at the offered seat. “Before we start, my Empress has asked me to extend to you her personal thanks for your swift and decisive action to aid her people. This is an act Athens will not forget and something we shall certainly return in kind in the future”

Vizimir nodded, “we could not stand by when such injustices were across our border, our people have not forgotten the scars of the last time Germany performed such acts. But Poland acted and now we hope to avoid further conflict.” Vizimir would take a glass of water from the tray as well and motioned for the Athenian to have a seat, “now for this arrangement, I would like to extend a temporary alliance until the German crisis has been settled. Polish troops are pressing onward into Germany as we speak with every intention of removing the regime and occupying Eastern Germany. This occupation is temporary and we have no intention of expanding our power into the German state. I would like to work with the Federation in how you say…cleaning Germany up. I think it is imperative to make a cooperative measure such as this for the betterment of all Europe.”