The Finns and Brits

Your Excellency,

I wish to congratulate you on your new commission and electoral victory. Like yourself I have just come into office and as such I wish to invite you to Helsinki for a state visit. We here in Finland have always considered the British good friends and it would be our pleasure to host you.

The visit would be a way to reaffirm the good relationship between our two nations. Parliament would also like to invite you to speak in front of them, and the Finnish people by proxy. I look forward to your response, and await your arrival.

Konsta Selänne, Prime Minister of Finland

Christine was happy to receive a missive from another European country to talk about issues unrelated to Gibraltar. She replied accepting the invitation and made plans to travel as soon as it was convenient for both governments.

The arrival of the British Prime Minister would be an exciting day. The press was out in force to take pictures, though kept at a respectful distance by local police. Prime Minister Konsta himself would be there to welcome his counterpart at the Airport. The British flag would be displayed prominantely and a band would welcome the Prime Minister with her own national anthem.

“Welcome Madam Prime Minister,” Konsta said politely greeting her. “It is a great honor to welcome you to Helsinki.”

Christine happily played it up for the press. It was an important trip for her, so she smiled and waved to make the cameras happy. “Thank you very much for inviting me.” She said as she approached Prime Minister Konsta with hand outstretched to shake his hand. “I’m xcited to get down to business.”

The young Prime Minister shook the offered hand. “Ah why go immediately into business,” he said with a smile as the cameras took a snapshot of the moment he was sure would end up on the front page. “We have some time before business must be attended to, and it makes for dreary car conversation.”

“I could use a break from the monotony of politics, actually.” She said flashing another smile to the press.

“In that case let’s get moving, before the press has enough photos to show a new one every day of the year.” He would smile and gesture for her to walk with him to the waiting limo, which was adorned with the flags of both Finland and the UK. Once inside the windows were tinted so that no one could see inside and the limo headed off with its escort. Konsta would relax slightly. “Do you want something to drink?” He would pour himself a glass of water. “I do hope you had a pleasant trip from London.”

Normally she would drink a whisky neat and in an old fashioned glass, but since she already had several on the flight over she opted for plain water. However she wasn’t inebriated, only a little relaxed.

“The flight was lovely. A bit bumpy over Sweden, but nothing the pilot couldn’t handle.” She glanced out the window at the passing scenery.

“How are things here in Finland?”

“Things have been going alright, though we had to activate the Marshal Clause of the Constitution for the first time in the 154 years that we’ve had the constitution,” he’d drink some of his water as the limo headed downtown. “And of course I just recently won my own election to serve as Prime Minister.” He’d glance outside. “It really is a peaceful place to be though. Even with war in Europe our citizens continued undisturbed. Of course they all hold the belief that as long as a Mannerheim is at the helm we are safe from all enemies.”

“That is very good to hear. Security is important. Things are in danger of spiraling out of control on the other end of the continent thanks to a wholly man made crisis. Not to mention the humanitarian crisis in the Balkans.”

“Indeed,” Konsta said nodding. “Tragic really. However let’s not speak of tragedy. Instead let’s speak of what is currently considered ‘on the plan’ if you will. So of course we have mine and yours one-on-one meeting. Then parliament would love to invite you to speak in front of them, if you feel so inclined. Finally her majesty has expressed that she would love to meet with you, if you have the spare time and energy.”

“I would be happy to speak at your parliament and meet with her majesty. I did prepare some remarks before I came that might help frame my hopes for a future relationship between our countries.”

“Well then it sounds like the plan is set,” Konsta said clapping his hands together as the limo came to a stop at their destination. “Well then I suppose it is time to get ogled at by the press again.” He smiled as he exited the limo, waiting for the British Prime Minister to do the same. “Now before we make it fully inside, any refreshments in particular you want? We have plenty.”

Christine exited the limo, stopping only a moment to grab a small bag she carried with her. “I rather think I would like stiff drink after all.”

“Do you have a preference? We have plenty of options.” He would lead the way into the building as aides hurried around to gather what was necessary, one bringing a bottle of vodka for him. “And we also have some snacks so that we won’t just be stuck with one thing.”

“Whisky with nothing in it please.” She said as she checked inside the bag for her speech. "So, where is our first stop?

Konsta would repeat the order to the aides around as they walked to the room. “First stop is the most important one, the meeting between two heads of government.” He would smile as the arrived at the meeting room. “We can get everything of importance for work out of the way and then move on to all the political theater. Though I promise her Majesty will be easy to talk with, she abhors politics and much prefers pleasant conversation.”