Socialist World Republic

All of this is classified

Over the past few months the Dutch had been hard at work in consolidating control over the country. The referendum to abolish the monarchy had not been accepted everywhere and as such some force was needed to align every part of the country behind the new normal. The fact that in the past century the Netherlands had grown a lot larger than its traditional borders had not made this effort easier. However it was worth it. Now that the Dutch people were prospering, it was time for the people of the world to likewise experience the cultural and economic freedom that came with communism. A secret meeting had been planned including the Cabinet, command of the People’s Liberation Army and the national leaderships of the CPN, PvdA, GL and SP. Anne’s plans would need the consent of all of these factions to stand a success but until the first strike knowledge could not become public. As such secrecy was chosen over a public statement in the Second Chamber.

Anne could hear the talking on the other side of the door to the theatre hall. The only location large enough to host everyone that was needed in a way that it could be left out of the free press. After mentally reading over her speech one more time she opened the door and walked inside to a loud applause. As she stood at the lectern she searched for her Prime Minister in the front row. Ever since she had been an undergrad student in his class she looked to him for confidence when she spoke publicly. She was a great speaker but didn’t believe that of herself. When she saw him she allowed her shoulders to relax and took a sip of water to protect her throat.

"Kameraden, today I have asked you here to both celebrate a momentous occassion and to announce my plan for our future. We have brought the Netherlands back to its old strengths. Factories run at full speed, everyone has a home and hunger has been eradicated. Every child is guaranteed the ability to reach their full potential and the people are happier than ever before. Now that we have reached this level of development we must outwards. Socialism does not acknowledge borders. It is the duty of everyone to fight for the working class. The global working class. We stand at the verge of the final evolution of humanity. As we leave our planet, we have secured our future against even the greatest of disaster. However just as the revolutions that came before, the capitalists stand to once again benefit the most. To make this revolution a People’s revolution we cannot afford to look only at the Dutch people and we must foster the global revolution.

More specifically there is our duty to those countries that because of our ancestors now suffer. Suriname, Indonesia, the Antilles, and many more. All of them suffer under capitalist rule due to our colonial policies of the past. It is our duty to fix the mistakes of the past and bring freedom to these people. Because of this I am hereby announcing an international five year plan. The goal of this plan is to incite, support and sustain communist revolutions in all colonies once under Dutch control that now are under capitalist control. While in a perfect world the ruling classes would simply surrender power, we all know that is not realistic. Because of this we must match their strength. Financial resources are to be committed to the People’s Liberation Army to create an elite ground force as well as a large air force and an even larger navy to project our power across the world. To establish a foothold in space the People’s Liberation Army Space Force will be established to secure the people’s rights to our solar system.

After the People’s Liberation Army is ready, the plans to strike must be ready as well. As such I am ordering the Supreme People’s Command to prepare invasion plans for Suriname, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Southern India. Additionally plans must be made to defend against invasions by Germany and France as well as an overwhelming naval force.

Finally, the people must have control of nuclear weapons to be able to truly hold our ground. As such I am authorizing the University of Twente to commence active research into nuclear weapons with the goal of eventually having 100 megatonnes worth of nuclear warheads.

The power of the people is beyond measure and once all this is over the red banners shall cover the world.

Thank you very much."

The applause that followed was even louder than before, now that the orders had been issued all she could do was wait. Wait until the construction was finished and the plans ready. “Soon you will all be free” She whispered to herself as she walked off the stage.