Rumors Swirl as Asteroid Strikes Europe

Maseru— In yet another tragedy for the wartorn European continent, initial reports of a large asteroid strike in southeastern Europe have been confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The asteroid, believed to have hit Bulgaria in the Athenian Federation, is estimated to have had an impact equal to 250 megatons, with tremors reported as nearby as the Congo.

“We mourn for those who have lost their lives and loved ones in this disaster, and are prepared to offer humanitarian supplies and personnel to any affected nations,” President Magashule said in a brief statement about the event. Several government and non-government aid agencies have since affirmed that they are working to marshall assistance in response to the impact.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that it is unable to presently confirm whether any Union citizens may have been in the affected areas.

Much remains unclear about the impact and the lack of warning provided by any of the world’s rapidly growing space agencies. The People’s Space Council has declined to respond to inquiries regarding the failure and whether further such impacts may occur in the future. Experts in the field, however, have stated that it is unlikely that such an asteroid could have gone undetected under normal circumstances.