Rule with Absolute Force

Four words. Four words defined the government of Nihon’s philosophy. Taken from the “founder” of Republicanism these four words were shown in every action. Kitsuno sat at the head of the table, facing her cabinet. While officially they were subject to the laws and regulations put in place by Congress, in practice they were untouchable if the Sosai decreed it. However even if the members gathered here seemed more like villains than public servants they all did share one thing, they were loyal to Nihon.

The first item on the agenda was the military. “Akita-kakka, we have completed the latest naval expansion. As commanded we have expanded the fleet and are preparing to issue orders for long ranged patrols. We have also issued orders for the expansion of the Iō-tō Airbase. The goal is to turn it into our forward operating post in the Pacific. Currently a single Carrier Group is assigned to the region, though the plan is to add more soon.”

Kitsuno would nod and drink some water as the next item was brought up, tourism. “The visit of the Athenian Empress has caused an increase in tourism from the Athenian Federation. Our embassy is receiving an overwhelming amount of requests for tourist visas. If it was not for the current civil unrest in Athens I would have recommended a complete lifting of the visa requirement, however their current status I would recommend shifting Athenian visas to an expediated status.”

“We have not done that in decades. It has been imperative that we have strict control of who comes into Nihon!”

“We are no longer in that type of world. We have built up a robust presence across the globe with our culture. There are a lot of people who wish to visit and I think it would do our economy well to let them in. Besides foreigners have brought many great things to us in the past.”

“Just because one of the Zaibatsu’s now was founded by a foreigner does not mean that we should welcome them in wholesale. We need strict rules. No offense to the honorable communications secretary.”

“None taken. However I agree that a laxing of visa requirements is needed. If anything it will be a distraction from the Enforcement Act currently in congress.”

The cabinet collectively winced at the mention of the Enforcement Act. It had gained popularity among the populace as a way to finally put a leash on the powerful Zaibatsus who controlled the nation. However the Sosai just grinned and spoke for the first time at the mention of the Enforcement Act.

“I will have congress pass a visa relaxation bill, and do not worry about the Enforcement Act. I already have my agents working on it.” She would gesture to the head of the Oniwaban. “Please inform the cabinet of your moves.”

“Elected officials loyal to the Sosai embedded within the opposition have managed to make key edits to the Act. It will ultimately end up giving full discretion to the Oniwaban, and as you know our agency is sworn to the Sosai. So the Enforcement Act will become our tool to control the current rogue Zaibatsus who would sell out Nihon to foreign actors.”

“Remember our motto.”

“Rule with Absolute Force.”