Polish economy teeters toward recession

The outbreak of war with Germany has destabilized the Polish economy, reports coming in from the Warsaw stock market and financial sector in Kaliningrad show that the domestic economy has taken a hit and that international trade is down.

Domestic trade has stalled as citizens across the Confederacy are concerned over the conflict being so close to home. The other problem is Polish military reserves being called up and several companies from Poland to Latvia report decreased production and struggling to fill positions as the workforce faces a drain.

The other problem, international trade is at an all time low. Companies have decreased shipping due to the conflict and the threat to shipping out of the Baltic and into the North Sea. With a lack of proper trade agreements, experts project that the Confederacy could face a rather large recession following the war with Germany. Congress is already planning to send relief packages to businesses and citizens to prevent further harm but Poland’s stance against forming more diplomatic ties and trade are coming to an end.