Partial Reboot

Originally published at: Partial Reboot – Novos Mundos

Greetings everyone, due to issues finding a permanent home for the server it took longer to get this going than initially hoped, but today I am here to announce a partial reboot of Novos Mundos. What this means I will outline below.

Existing players will maintain all their land, points and if they want military. However if an existing player does not want to stay in the same place they are completely free to move to a different place with preservation of their full points.
In addition to this, events that affected the world directly in damaging ways for new players will also be wiped from history. This includes the player who engaged in genocidal activities as Germany. Those events and the war that resulted from it will no longer exist in our history. Players who want to preserve their personal country history are of course more than welcome to.

To encourage new players and level the playing field with those that have been here longer, the starting points will also be increased to be between 350 and 450 points. At the next points update any current country with less than 450 points will be automatically boosted to 450.

Novos Mundos was always intended to be a combination of real life global relations and fictional space exploration. While the stages system was intended to gradually open up space, it is now clear to us that full freedom is the best approach here. As such the reboot will start with space fully unlocked (stage 5), which means you can essentially produce as much up there as your points allow.

If you want to make any changes to the nation you play as, please send a DM to Cosmopean#2413 on Discord or the forums, or post it in the #general channel. Likewise if you would like to leave the RP please inform us via one of these three methods.

I hope all of you will stay and look forward to writing with everyone that is left in the end. Thank you very much.