[Official Space Event]A Gift From Beyond

It was another day as usual on Stargate 1, or well what passed for a day on a station permanently locked at the same place. While space was the new frontier, it was still empty enough that very little of military relevance happened. For now their job was primarily to guide the vessels throughout the system and be the first line of defence for the planet. Carrying a cup of coffee Alexis walked into the Command Center. Getting used to the new post had been remarkably easy. Unlike the Gravplates on ships, the Singularity Core had made articial gravity feel perfectly natural and in all other areas the station was no different from a usual military base in design.

“Report” She said as she sat down in her chair at the centre of the command post.

“Captain, over the past 8 hours the HSS Hera and HSS Persephone have docked to refuel and resupply, Engineering has scheduled a maintenance window in which our docking systems will be offline for a capacity upgrade and the habitation upgrade has been completed” Her Chief of Operations said in response, just another day as usual.

“Okay sounds good, approve the maintenance window and relay sensor data to my console” Alexis replied as she activated the holographic displays built into her chair to review the data.

Then things made a very sudden turn. “Captain, we are detecting a high speed object just entering the solar system” The Science Officer called out somewhat panicking.

“Which one?” Alexis asked as she shifted her console to the live feeds.

“That’s the problem Captain, we don’t know. It did not appear on any of our long range systems and it appears to be on an intercept course with Earth at 0.1 times the speed of light”

Asteroids were a common occurrence, even ones on course for Earth but usually they didn’t fly so fast and they were tracked well before becoming a problem. The fact that this one wasn’t triggered all alarm bells.

“Set alert condition one. Which ships are in range to intercept?” Alexis yelled as the usual day turned into a very unusual one.

“The Persephone and Hera, ma’am. All other ships are too far away.” The Chief of Operations replied.

“It will have to do, send a lasercom to the Hera and Persephone with the sensor data and instructions to intercept the object and prevent it from entering the Earth Security Zone. Science calculate where the object will impact if we fail to intercept it and send a lasercom to Space Command”

Despite all their efforts none of their weapons would be able to even dent the probe and even the railguns on Stargate 1 as the final line failed to hold it back from entering the atmosphere.

Yuliana, or Yulia to her friends, was a kind girl. As a teen in the Athenian Federation she was set up for a great future where not even the sky would be her limit. Ever since the first Macedonian mission to the Moon she wanted to one day join the Royal Space Organization which was later renamed to the Hellenic Space Agency.

“Fucking Krauts taking up all the city’s resources” Her father said as they were eating breakfast.

“Yakov, please, not in front of the children” Her mother responded.

In recent weeks her town, Dobrich, had become home to a prisoner of war camp where soldiers from the Greater German Empire were held. While the town had received money from Athens, it was not enough and as such they needed to use their own reserves to care for the PoWs. At the cost of local programs. Rather than blaming Athens for not giving them enough money, many blamed the Germans instead. Some of her friends had been caught yesterday shooting prisoners with BB guns and the bullying and taunting had gotten so bad that the Imperial Police had even needed to send reinforcements to protect the facilities. Yulia didn’t blame them however, what their government did was bad but how could she blame normal people? Especially ones who had surrendered on the first day.

“I’m going to school, and afterwards meeting Neli to work on the maths project” She said as she finished her breakfast and got her bag.

“Okay but be careful honey. And be home before it’s dark” Her mom said.

“Don’t worry, I will be” She replied before giving both her parents a kiss and saying goodbye to her sister and then proceeding to leave the house to bike to school.

As she approached the school she noticed a bright light in the sky. Way brighter than the sun. As she stopped to take a look a loud siren went off. The government regularly tested the air raid sirens but not in the middle of the month, and there had been a test just two weeks earlier.

That it wasn’t a test was confirmed when drones entered the sky broadcasting a message in Greek and Bulgarian.

“By order of the Ministry of Defence you are to seek shelter immediately. This is not a drill. Seek shelter immediately or you will be forced to by the police.”

Before she could even follow the order the light turned brighter and brighter until it blinded her. In the final second she could see a metallic object and a weird blue light coming from it only to have it impact right before her.

Yulia, her family, her friends, the German PoWs and everyone in a 40km radius would die that day. As the alien object hit Earth with a force equivalent to a 250mt nuke, the damage was beyond imagination. Nothing of Dobrich would be left, the shockwave alone completely annihilating the area. Earth’s first contact had turned out to be tragedy.

Britain historically had positive relations with the countries that made up the western core of the Athenian Federation going back to Greek Independence from the Ottoman Empire. Nearly three centuries later the well-being of the Athenian Federation, the fulcrum upon which European stability rested was paramount. The British government would organize humanitarian aid for the people of the Medeterranian nation. Billions of pounds worth of aid would need to be shipped and billions more would be donated directly both from the government and from non-governmental organizations.

What mattered now was that humanity was seemingly no longer alone in the universe. Hopefully the millions of deaths would not be in vain.

President Vizimir is finally releasing an official response to the object hitting Bulgaria, the Polish Confederation is planning to send humanitarian aid and funding to aid the people of Bulgaria.
Vizimir also pledged to support a global effort in the event this was not an accident but something intentional sent by beings in space.

In a gesture of good will, the Republic of China would offer the Athenians the service of about 500 medical personnel of its armed forces, as well as a hospital ship and several cargo ships carrying bottled water, military rations, tents, clothes, blankets, toilet paper and other basic commodities that could be handed to the people in their times of need. Additionally, a public effort was made to gather donations for the people of the region and a delegation of Chinese scientists requested cooperation with their Athenian counterparts to investigate the nature of the incident, potential hazards this poses and implications for the future.