New PM Takes the Reins of Government

London - Britain’s new Prime Minister, Christine Exeter arrived at 10 Downing after meeting with the King. The private meeting was characterized as productive by Buckingham Palace and sources close to the PM said she spoke about her family and shared her vision for the country. Both participants left the meeting confident the country was in good hands.

The changing of the guard comes after 2 years of failed government by the former Conservative Leader who failed to make progress toward promises made while campaigning during the last election. Britons were losing faith in the government and so too did the House of Commons. After losing a confidence vote the former PM had no choice but to step down. It was noted in the media that the UK had essentially become a hermit kingdom in just a few months and many MPs could not stomach the regressive policies coming from the previous premier.

The new PM plans to pass economic reform, reengage in foreign diplomacy, and to revitalize the military, which is at the core of British society. Her policy is reflected in her cabinet, mostly notable statespersons, as well as prominent former military figures.