Is it just me?

Maybe I’m just growing old and rusty or something, but honestly, I find the forum organisation a bit weird and confusing. The fundamental structure of these boards one can get used to, but I would like to ask if there’s any plans to maybe clean up some of the areas.

Main issues to me would be:

  • Orders are incredibly clunky and you have an insane amount of threads for all the countries in one section, which makes it absolutely bonkers. It isn’t unworkable, but it certainly is not aesthetically pleasing and requires generous use of search function to find anything.

  • The overview post of every section is a placeholder, instead of explaining what this section is about. In general, I’d argue that maybe a bit more instructions on how to RP could be thrown in there, even if there’s redundancy with rules section and other things, because it makes it easier for people to get into this RP and it is a bit hard to access rules and history and factbooks from the forums. Heck, I don’t even know anymore where to find claims.

  • There is no archive, so dead nations still clutter areas.

  • Orders clutter the OOC area, instead of it being a proper OOC area.

So, dunno, might just be me, but if it’s not just Kasumi being old, maybe we could look into this?

While the system may appear clunky, it’s unfortunately unavoidable to keep track of everything. To prevent abuse and make verifying people’s numbers possible we need each purchase made individually so that we can document them in the various sheets (including the points sheet). In the future we may to build this into the website itself but that requires quite some custom code which means it’s a longterm goal.

Due to the nature of purchases the clutter will be worst for a country’s initial purchases, as their growth becomes dependent on the bi-weekly points awards there will be less threads.

This is something that will be added in the next month or two.

We can add an archive for overviews (and we already trash factbooks on the website), however by nature of this being a continuous universe (where history remains throughout incarnations) and that multi-character RP will by design involve people RP’ing multiple entities, completely wiping old threads seems undesireable to me.

The OOC area isn’t really intended to be an OOC Dicussion area (the Discord is primarily for that) and is more just the framework in which purchases and overviews can be stored.

Can these threads be more orderly though, so it isn’t just one huge pile of everyone’s purchases if I click on OOC? I don’t know how the forum structure works.

Alright. Though tell me if you need any help. I really think it’d be good to have more informative posts, especially if we want new people to know what is going on.

I can see why you wouldn’t want to delete stuff in a continuous timeline, but thus the argument for a section where old stuff is archived. But well.

Alright. Though I think it’d be good to still have some overviews and links here for explanation, at least so people really know they should use the Discord for OOC needs.

Just to chime in on these points, given that we do have roleplayers who don’t use discord, it may be worth having avenues for OOC discussion on the forums available as well

By design Discourse lists all threads below a certain category when you click the category. As such sub-categories are also always shown in the overview, this is not something that can easily be changed. As an alternate solution I have however moved the Orders subcategory to its own and renamed it Procurements. This leaves the OOC section with just the Overviews and any OOC threads.