Franco-Dutch Diplomacy

France was not a logical ally for the Netherlands. An absolute monarchy and a communist democracy. Literally two extremes. France did have something though that would be useful to the Dutch. An absolute disregard for what the world thought. The plans Anne announced in secret would almost certainly be dismissed by most of the world. Some conquering was fine but restoring a full colonial empire would likely be something the so called civilized countries in Athens, Madrid and Helsinki couldn’t handle. As such the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would send a letter to Versailles offering the French Queen to meet with the President.


The message from the Dutch came completely unexpected and despite reading it several times Jeanne didn’t really get why she reached out to them. Despite stated goals of neutrality the development of nuclear weapons had made clear the Dutch weren’t as toothless as they seemed, but still it just felt odd to seem them reach out like this. In any case Jeanne was curious and in an absolute monarchy even curiosity was good enough to spend state money. An invitation would be extended to the Dutch President to meet with Jeanne in Versailles.