[France] French Armed Forces

Queen’s Army

Infantry: 500,000

Leclerc XLR: 3,000
PzH 2000: 2,000
M270 MLRS: 1,500
Ground Master 400: 500
Ground Master 200: 500
Ground Master 60: 900
SAMP/T: 1400
S-400: 700
BGM-109G: 500
3M22 Zircon: 500
BrahMos-II: 700
DF-26: 400
9K720 Iskander: 400

Armies of the Lords and Ladies Paramount

Infantry Total: 500,000

Division per Territory:
Under Construction

Queen’s Guard

Elite Infantry: 5,000

Under Construction

Queen’s Air Force

F-22: 700
Su-57: 700
F-35A: 900
B-2: 100
Boeing E-4: 2
Boeing E-3G: 48
Boeing KC-46: 180
Lockheed C-5M: 50
Boeing C-17: 100
Lockheed Martin C-130J-30: 330
Lockheed Martin C-130J-SOF: 20

Queen’s Navy

5x Jeanne d’Arc Class Aircraft Carrier (Gerald R. Ford Class)
10x Mistral Class
20x Revanche Class Nuclear Attack Submarine (Virginia Class)
30x Napoleon Bonaparte Class Guided Missile Battlecruiser (Zumwalt Class)
49x Héros Class Guided Missile Cruiser (Type 055 Destroyer)
35x Paris Class Guided Missile Destroyer (Horizon Class)
25x Phénix Class Guided Missile Destroyer (Type 45 Destroyer)
35x Aquitaine Class Anti-Submarine Frigate
60x Aquitaine Class Anti-Air Frigate
30x Aquitaine Class General Purpose Frigate (FREMM IT-GP)


F-35C: 500
Northrop Grumman E-2D: 20

Noble Houses of France

The Kingdom of France is a country based on a strict hierarchy and order of rulers. On the same level nobles are equal while remaining a vassal to the higher level.

The Queen
The Queen rules from Paris and has direct control over Ile-de-France and any territories outside of continental France, she leads the rest of the country through her vassals and has direct command over the Royal Armed Forces.

House Phénix
Jeanne Thérèse of the House Phénix, First of Her Name, The Conqueror, Queen of the French, the Basques, the Catalans and the Occitans, Queen of Corsica, Lady of Guiana, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms

Lords and Ladies Paramount

Below the Queen are the Lord and Ladies Paramount, these nobles government the former Kingdoms and are lord over their vassals. They are ultimately loyal to Paris but can within their realms exercise a great level of control.


House Lorraine

Robert of the House Lorraine, Lord of Strasbourg, Lord Paramount of Burgundy


House Phénix

Nathalie of the House Phénix, Lady of Toulouse, Lady Paramount of Aquitaine, Dauphine of France


House Bonaparte

Danièle Lucienne Ève of the House Bonaparte, Lady of Nice, Lady Paramount of Provence


House Montfort

Martin Robin of the House Montfort, Lord of Rennes, Lord Paramount of Brittany


House La Fayette

Narcisse Ignace Gaétan of the House La Fayette, Lord of Rouen, Lord Paramount of Normandy


House Bourbon

Noèle Christiane Léopoldine of the House Bourbon, Lady of Lyon, Lady Paramount of Auvergne


House Orléans

Dominique Laurette Martine of the House Orléans, Lady of Orléans, Lady Paramount of Orléans