February Nuclear Rolls

Originally published at: https://www.novosmundos.net/400/february-nuclear-rolls/

As announced nuclear rolls happen each first of the month. Because the system did not exist on February 1 the first set of rolls are today. The next set will be on March 1st.

  1. Athenian Federation [Athenian Federation] Nuclear Weapons Project Roll: 94. Nuclear project is a success
  2. Union of African People’s Republics [Union of African People’s Republics] Nuclear Weapons Project Roll: 82. Nuclear project is a failure, 10 points have been refunded.
  3. Kingdom of France [Kingdom of France] Nuclear Weapons Project Roll: 22. Nuclear project is a failure.
  4. Kingdom of Finland [Finland] Nuclear Weapons Project Roll: 96. Nuclear project is a success.
  5. Singapore [Singapore] Nuclear Weapons Project Roll: 35. Nuclear project is a failure.

The Athenian Federation and Kingdom of Finland have successfully developed nukes. Everyone else can try again for March 1st. Remember to post your project before March 1st 0:00 GMT!