Duda's State of Confederacy

Location: Presidential palace in Warsaw

The bitter cold had the huddled crowd shivering but waiting quietly, many of them had traveled far and wide to see the President give his speech. Television crews and independent streamers made a horse shoe around the podium where President Vizimir Duda would speak.

The Polish national anthem began to blare over speakers as Duda approached the podium, the crowd cheered as he walked up bracing himself against the cold wind whipping him. He rose his hand and declined it slowly back down signalling for silence.

“Brothers and Sisters of the Confederacy, I have come before you all, to address our nation to speak to you as a servant of this nation and a comrade to you all. I come before you all to report, happily, that we have in our possession one of the strongest economies on Europe and plan to expand our trade capabilities by the end of the year, with new partners and create more jobs for citizens of the Polish Confederation. I will bring before Congress, a new policy of Polish first products that must be considered by government bodies and major corporations in order to preserve our economic strength. I have also brought forth plans, to expand military funding to protect our people and our nation. I am sure you are all aware of the events in Paris, and I assure you under me our union has never been safer.”

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause, Vizimir soaking it in for a moment, as the crowd died back down he resumed.

“I have been working with our government also, to expand diplomatic missions and reopen channels of communication that were left closed by the previous regime. We will reassert Poland’s position on the global stage and we will do it successfully. May almighty god watch over us, and protect us, glory to the Polish Confederation!”

The crowd cheered as the national anthem played out with Duda walking back into the palace. After a few minutes the crowd dispersed and the media teams went to work writing their articles and posting their footage online.