Deutschland über alles

The Greek ultimatum had been received with some amusement, it was fully expected they would go to war but even an inferior race such as themselves should have known the folly of attacking this early. In any case there was only one way the Germans could respond to it. They needed to send a message after all that Germany did not serve foreign masters.

“You have my permission to exterminate the roaches and send their remains to the nest”

With those words of his Chancellor on his mind, Colonel Reinhard Kohl walked into the front entrance of Special Detention Facility 34. Really just a former warehouse where Greeks were kept until the camps could be finished to detain them and others more properly. He was escorted by a relatively small military unit armed to the teeth with assault rifles. As he looked over close to two hundred men, women and especially children a small smile appeared on his face “Das wird es tun” He said as he nodded at his men. In seconds the room lit up and screams could be heard, only to be silenced a few seconds later. By the end of it the floors would be soaked in the blood of their enemy.

“Make sure they’re all dead. Put them in the trucks after and deliver them to the front gates of the Athenian embassy”

The men would execute his additional orders and make sure that their gift to Empress Athanasia arrived to their embassy before midnight.