Communist Unity 2

The Union of African People’s Republics was a natural friend of the Dutch communists, but there was one other communist state in the world and they were a lot closer. As the first country to embrace communism, Russia was always special for the ideology. Hoping that the new Soviets would be just as willing as the old to embrace internationalism the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would send a letter to Moscow, proposing a meeting.


The New Union of Soviet Socialist Republics would receive the letter, with debates on what to do sparking immediately.

[These are the ramblings of several people, none specific.]
“The People’s Republic of the Netherlands seeks cooperation.”
“The Dutch? What could we possibly do for them?”
“They’re socialist like the rest of us, it’d be smart for us to work with them.”
“We saw what happened with the original USSR, getting too involved in the world led to their downfall.”
“The original USSR was never allied with the Netherlands, so this is already something new.”
“The original USSR was on its own. We aren’t seeking to make the world one with us, but there’s nothing wrong with having like-minded friends.”
“Our own development and advancement is what’s important, we can’t help other states.”
“It doesn’t seem like they’re asking for help. We can continue to develop and still have friendly relations with the world.”
“I hope their levees are doing well.”

At the end of the debates, it’d be determined that the NUSSR would agree to the meeting. They’d be willing to meet in either Moscow or Amsterdam.