Britain Pledges aid to Athenian Federation

London - Days after a catastrophic impact destroyed Dobrich, Bulgaria, killing millions of citizens of the Athenian Federation British officials pledged aid amounting to over £6 billion. Royal Navy transport ships will thousands of cargo containers to the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea where local security forces will take over.

King Henry IX called on all Britons to pray and lend a helping hand in anyway they can. Blood drives have already been organized in communities all over the UK and hundreds of medical personel have volunteered to travel to the continent to render whatever aid is needed for the survivors.

The impact has been called the worst loss of life since WWII. Millions of people were killed in an instant and hundreds of millions more have been injured or displaced. Athenian forces are maintaining order without much fuss, but there are concerns about the nature of the object that impacted the city. Reports from Athens suggest the object was not natural, and in fact may have been sent by an intelligent species from another planet. The Prime Minister, Defence Minister, and the Chief of the Defence staff have convened in London to plan Britain’s response. So far there have been no public statements.