Berlin Summit - German Surrender

With the complete collapse of the Greater German Empire, the dangerous part of the war was over. However now the victorious coalition awaited a possibly even more difficult task. Negotiating the future of Germany in such a way that an authoritarian government could never rise again. As Berlin was under the ownership of both Athens and Poland, it was deemed the most fitting location for such a summit. Being a fully civilian location Hotel Adlon was one of the few places in the city that had been spared the bombings that was also suitable for a summit of this nature. With the Empress still in mourning, the duty of negotiating and inviting their allies fell to the Chief Magistrate. A letter would be sent to the President of Poland and the Queen of France.

Your Excellency, Your Majesty,

First of all, I want to thank you once again for your quick action. Your hard work to defeat Germany has saved the lives of many of my countrypersons and the Athenian Federation will be forever grateful.

Now that the German regime has collapsed it is up to us to determine the future of Germany. For this purpose I invite you both to meet with me in Hotel Adlon in Berlin. The building is suitable for a conference of this nature and my generals have given me guarantees that our safety there is certain.

I hope that together we may show the same strength to build a civilized and proper Germany just as well as we tore down the old one.

Avra G. Georgiou,
Regent and Chief Magistrate of the Athenian Federation

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France expected the war to be over soon, but the German cowardice managed to surprise even Versailles. In a way Jeanne was sad, she had hoped the war would be at least a little fun. But occupying South Germany would have to be all the fun for now. The Queen’s Army would establish checkpoints at all provincial borders and roads leading into and coming out of cities and towns to reduce German mobility to close to 0 and make the daily life of Germans even harder than it already was. Meanwhile the arrest of Rudolf Schmidt would offer a good opportunity to send a reply to Athens. After the Queen’s Guard had some private talks between their fists and the Chancellor, a handwritten message would be tied to the gag which has been placed in his mouth. Gagged and tied the German would be placed in a large crate and delivered by the Queen’s Air Force and the embassy staff in Athens to the Chief Magistrate’s residence.

Your Excellency,

Attached to this message you will find Chancellor Rudolf Schmidt, the pig responsible for the murder of your citizens who we arrested as the coward tried to flee his own country. He has been slightly used and by this point is likely dehydrated from the voyage but should otherwise be fine. Consider it a gift from the people of France for your Empress in her time of mourning. You may do with him as you will.

I will also gladly agree to your proposed meeting and will travel to Berlin. While I have confidence in your security, I am sure you understand I will still take my own security detail with me as well as patrols by my Army and Air Force in and around Berlin due to possible risks not anticipated.

Until soon,

President Vizimir would send a reply that he would be at the summit personally as polish forces began their deployments into approved zones of Berlin.

Vizimir would be with several members of Polish military command including Secretary of defense Radzik Nolokotov and Secretary of State Natalia Blakzin.

Without publicizing it, Empress Athanasia would make the Berlin Summit her first return to the functions of state. With the press still barred from entering Berlin and the heavy security around the meeting site, she believed she could keep her presence secret from the public. This conference simply was too important to miss, as it very much would be the framework for not just the future of Germany but the very future of any European cooperation. Through a weird twist of fate the three parties represented the bulk of Europe. Athens represented the Meditteranean through the Byzantine League, many deemed Poland a representative of the East due to the lack of Finnish presence on the diplomatic stage and the French while not directly representing anyone did represent the ideology of going their own way. Something the Dutch shared.

As the agreed time of the meeting approach Athanasia and Avra walked into the conference room that had been prepared in the hotel. Inside were the flags of the three allied powers as well as a fancy array of refreshments and comfortable seating. It would be needed, these talks were probably going to last a while.

As each of the other two delegations entered Athanasia would personally greet them. With the limited amount of people, the time to get business was soon there.

"Your Excellencies, Your Majesty, thank you for agreeing to the invitation of my Chief Magistrate. We are here today to engage in perhaps our most important duty to the German and European peoples. Germany has for centuries been a vital part of our continent, what happens here has not only a continental but even a global impact. Three times already they have shown to be a major threat to peace. It is our duty to once and for all create a Germany that is stable, free and incapable of hurting its own people or pulling the world to war.

I believe in these things it is best to lay our cards on the table on what each of us wants to come out of this meeting. The Athenian Federation has no territorial ambitions, what we do seek is permanent military access to German territory, control of the Ramstein Air Base, a to be constructed Army base in Hamburg and the naval facilities in Wilhelmshaven. Furthermore we believe Germany should be restricted to a self-defence military force purely and that reparations should be paid for their atrocities as well as direct damage and as a deterrent against future incidents"

Vizimir nodded, “Poland does not seek expansion into Germany as well. We agree to the Athenian proposal, though we request demilitarization of the eastern border until 2105. A self defense force is preferable and we will support any democratic government installed over others.”

Vizimir took a glass of water from a nearby tray, as he drank he glanced over to the French “how long do allied military forces stay in Germany ? If you don’t mind me asking.”