Belgrade Summit

While conflict was brewing inside the Athenian Federation and on its eastern borders, the Empress couldn’t also handle another conflict in Western Europe. As such it was determined that one final effort should be made to bring about a negotiated peace to the dispute. The status of Gibraltar. This single rock had divided the Empire of Iberia and Celtic Republic for centuries and if nothing was done war would be the eventual result. As such the Athenian embassies in both Madrid and Dublin would extend an invitation to their hosts to attend a summit at the former Royal Palace in Belgrade to negotiate a permanent and peaceful solution to the status of Gibraltar, a summit to be moderated by Empress Athanasia and protected by the Imperial Guard and Hellenic Forces.

While Iberia was an Athenian ally, it was believed that on this matter the Empress could act as a neutral party.

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While as time went on confidence in a peaceful solution to the question of Gibraltar was waning, the insistence of her Athenian ally and the hope for a solution that would avoid bloodshed compelled Alba to give peace one more try. If this attempt however was also to end in a failure the use of military force would be allowed.

A letter thanking the Empress for her invitation would be returned to the embassy as well as the announcement that Empress Alba would be in attendance.

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