[Athenian Federation]Hellenic Forces Overview

Hellenic Forces

Headquarters: HFHQ Ares, Athens

Commander-in-Chief: Her Imperial Majesty Athanasia, Empress of the Athenian Federation
Magistrate of Defence: Ariadne Notaras
Head of Imperial Command: Fleet Admiral Helena Dimitriou

Hellenic Army
-Hellenic Airborne Corps
Hellenic Air Force
-Hellenic Strategic Weapons Force
Hellenic Navy
-Hellenic Marine Corps
-Hellenic Naval Air Force
Hellenic Space Force
-Earth Support Corps
Hellenic Special Warfare Force
-Advanced Response and Elite Support Command
-Strategic Support Corps

Military Zones
To improve the efficiency of inter-branch cooperation and simplify the chain of command on joint operations, the Hellenic Forces has designated multiple military zones. An officer from one of the branches is placed in charge of each military zone and enjoys ultimate command of all forces within the zone during a military operation. These zones are used for both offensive and defensive operations, but an emphasis is placed on their use to defend against foreign invasion. Military Zones should not be confused with Hellenic Navy Fleet Regions.

  • Capital Military Zone, headquartered in Athens: The Imperial Cities of Athens and Byzantion, and the territory of the Republic of Greece (minus Crete), and Queendom of Macedon.
  • European Military Zone, headquartered in Belgrade: The territory of the Republic of Yugoslavia, and the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Asia Minor Military Zone, headquartered in Ankyra: The northern part of the territory of the People’s Republic of Kurdistan, Republic of Circassia, and the Republic of Trebizond.
  • Central Military Zone, headquartered in Damascus: The territory of the Kingdom of Syria, the Republic of Lebanon, and the southern part of the territory of the People’s Republic of Kurdistan.
  • Eastern Military Zone, headquartered in Kuwait: The Imperial Territory of Kuwait, the territory of the Republic of Babylon and the territory of the Republic of Assyria.
  • Mediterranean Military Zone, headquartered in Valetta: The islands of Malta, Crete, and Cyprus.

Under current nuclear doctrines the penetration of hostile forces of the Capital Military Zone is only one of two situations authorizing the first strike use of a nuclear weapon.

Hellenic Army

Headquarters: HAB Thessaloniki

Magistrate of the Army: Alexander Bakas
Chief of the Army General Staff: General of the Army Stefania Ermis

Active Duty Combat Ready Forces: 1,000,000 Soldiers


Armoured Vehicles
M10 Kolokotronis: 3,000
M11 Papagos: 2,500
VBCI: 1,500
VBMR Griffon: 2,500

Surface to Air Missiles and Dedicated RADAR
Smart-L MM/F: 300
Ground Master 400α: 1,000
GF300: 1,000
Ground Master 200 MM/A: 1,000
Ground Master 60: 500
Aster 30 1NT SAMP/T: 1,000
S-400: 450
David’s Sling: 2,000
Sky Sabre: 750

Missile Artillery:
M142 HIMARS (Precision Strike Missile): 1,000


Hellenic Air Force


Hellenic Navy

Headquarters: Salamis Naval Base

Magistrate of the Navy: Marinos Spiridon
Deputy Magistrate of the Marine Corps: Nikoleta Vlasis
Chief of the Admiralty: Fleet Admiral Olympia Despina
Commandant of the Marine Corps: Michail Eftychia


Empress Athanasia Class Aircraft Carrier (Gerald R. Ford Class): 10
Cassander Class Helicopter Carrier (Mistral Class): 10
Pandora Class Ballistic Missile Submarine (Triomphant Class): 5
Poseidon Class Nuclear Attack Submarine (Virginia Class): 50
Zeus Class Guided Missile Battlecruiser (Zumwalt Class): 20
Ares Class Guided Missile Cruiser (Type 055 Destroyer): 49
Athena Class Guided Missile Destroyer (Horizon Class): 60
Hecate Class Guided Missile Destroyer (Type 45 Destroyer): 40
Nemesis Class Anti-Submarine Frigate (FREMM IT-ASW): 60
Artemis Class Anti-Air Frigate (FREMM FR-AAW): 100
Nyx Class General Purpose Frigate (FREMM IT-GP): 20

Air Complement:


Carrier Strike Groups(CSGs) & Expeditionary Strike Groups(ESGs):
Carrier Battle Groups consist of a Carrier as well as their escort vessels. They are built around both the Empress Athanasia and Cassander Class Carriers. The former are called Carrier Strike Groups (CSGs) while the latter are called Expeditionary Strike Groups (ESGs), each CSG and ESG shares the name of its lead ship.

1x Empress Athanasia Class Aircraft Carrier or 1x Cassander Class Helicopter Carrier, typically commanded by respectively a Naval Air Force Captain or Marine Corps Colonel. CO is in command of the Strike Group.
1x Carrier Air Wing (up to 10 squadrons) or Expeditionary Force, typically commanded by respectively a Naval Air Force Captain or Marine Corps Colonel.
1x Poseidon Class Nuclear Attack Submarine. typically commanded by a Submarine Force Captain.
1x Ares Class Guided Missile Cruiser, typically commanded by a Surface Force Captain.
1x Athena Class Guided Missile Destroyer, typically commanded by a Surface Force Commander.
1x Hecate Class Guided Missile Destroyer, typically commanded by a Surface Force Commander.
1x Nemesis Class Anti-Submarine Frigate, typically commanded by a Surface Force Commander.
1x Artemis Class Anti-Air Frigate, typically commanded by a Surface Force Commander.

  1. CSG Empress Athanasia
  2. CSG Alexander the Great
  3. CSG Theodoros Kolokotronis
  4. CSG Emperor Giorgos
  5. CSG Dobrich
  6. CSG Leonidas
  7. CSG Odysseus
  8. CSG Achilles
  9. CSG Pericles
  10. CSG Themistocles
  11. ESG Cassander
  12. ESG Seleucus
  13. ESG Parmenion
  14. ESG Antipater
  15. ESG Ptolemy
  16. ESG Hephaestion
  17. ESG Craterus
  18. ESG Philotas
  19. ESG Coenus
  20. ESG Antigonus


Fleet Regions:
Fleet Regions denote a larger area of operations. Each Fleet Region has its own commander and fleets assigned to the region fall under the region’s Chain of Command.

  • Mediterranean: The Mediterranean and Black Sea
  1. First Fleet
  2. Seventh Fleet
  • Atlantic North: The North Atlantic Ocean east of Bermuda, including the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Baltic Sea, and the English Channel, and the Arctic Ocean.
  1. Fifth Fleet
  • Atlantic South: The South Atlantic Ocean, and the Southern Ocean where it borders the Atlantic.
  1. Eighth Fleet
  • Atlantic West: The remainder of the North Atlantic Ocean, including the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico.
  1. Second Fleet
  • Indian: Indian Ocean, and the Southern Ocean where it borders the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
  1. Third Fleet
  2. Sixth Fleet
  • Pacific North: North Pacific Ocean
  • Pacific South: South Pacific Ocean
  1. Fourth Fleet

Hellenic Space Force
Headquarters: Heraklion Space Port, Crete

Magistrate of the Space Force: Thanos Leonidas
Commandant of the Space Force: Admiral Eleonora Vasilios

Outposts & Starbases:


Earth Support Corps

Commanding Officer: Colonel Gianis Vasiliki

STSS: 50
Enhanced Imaging System: 100
CSO: 250
ELISA: 300
Skynet: 14
Starlink: 210
Hermes: 100
CERES: 300