Aliens, Aliens, and more Aliens!

As the infamous briefing made its way within the top secret club, preparations were made for the public announcement and more specifically what not to say. For both national security and the interests of the Athenian Federation some things needed to remain private. But when the Empress stated her intent to go public. There really wasn’t anything anyone could do to stop her. On the day itself the Grand Secretariat of the Imperial Palace would inform all media companies that there was going to be an important announcement and to reserve broadcasting time on their channels. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs likewise transmitted a notice to all embassies in Athens with a similar notification as well as information if any other country wished to rebroadcast the live feed.

As the time of the statement approached all screens in the Athenian Federation would show the flag for a minute before shifting to the Coat of Arms and eventually the Grand Hall of the Imperial Palace in which a single lectern was placed. Athanasia walked in, wearing a black dress to signify the continued state of national mourning.

She was shortly followed by an array of Admirals and Generals in their dress formals as well as the Chief Magistrate, Magistrate of Defence and Magistrate of Emergency Management.

Once she stood behind the lectern she looked at the camera and began.

"My people,

Over the last week we have often seen each other. First of all to announce our war against Germany, then to inform you of the tragedy in Bulgaria and since then to mourn the death. Today I stand before you with major news. Ever since the impact, there have been many rumours and conspiracies about what exactly happened. The reason that my administration did not respond to these was simply that at that time we did not know. After extensive research we now know what it is that has impacted our planet and caused the deaths of 20.3 million Athenians and 200 thousand German prisoners of war."

Athanasia paused a moment to take a sip of water. "The object that impacted our planet, which we assumed to be an asteroid, was not an asteroid. Extensive research of the object itself as well as the way it functions and the way it operated prior to impact have shown that it is not anything natural. The object is artificial.

Furthermore, we have ruled out that any human nation would be capable of producing such a device. This leaves only one explanation left. There exists intelligent life beyond this planet and they have announced their existence by this object.

Many of you will likely dismiss this statement, and I cannot blame you. I have trouble believing it myself. However the best scientists have been part of this investigation and others have verified their results. There is no other explanation.

This new paradigm leaves us with new dilemmas. We cannot know for sure whether the creators of the object meant to attack us or if it was an accident. What we can however not ignore is that millions have died and we have no guarantee that more objects will not follow. To address this I have issued the following orders and directives.

Effective immediately the mandate of the Hellenic Space Force has been extended with the defence of Earth against hostile intelligent life and the construction of new spaceships to aid in this task has started. Additional funding has been assigned to the research and development of technologies to defend Earth from further impacts. Finally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will set up a data sharing task force. Whenever we have data that is relevant, this task force will share it with all other governments. The first package of this data will include a chemical analysis as well as a recording of electromagnetic energy and trajectory information. Research on the object itself will continue in a secured location to ascertain its true intent and what can be done to defend against anything similar.

Be strong, our country is facing some of the greatest tests of this time, but we will make it through this. We are one country. One Federation. The Athenian Federation will withstand whatever is thrown at it."

With that the broadcast ended, and the Army would get ready to face the worst in the cities.