Addressing the Space Expansion and Point Inflation

Originally published at: Addressing the Space Expansion and Point Inflation – Novos Mundos

With the expansion of the space system to its final stage, and the consequent addition of high cost items that points can be spent on multiple options were available. Like in the past it was possible to add universal points to all players, however with the likely required number of points this would lead to a scenario where if not used for space these points would increase military numbers on Earth to unreasonable numbers. For that reason the decision has made to grant points that can only be used for units in the Space Category. Just now all current nations have been granted between 100 and 200 Space Exclusive points. These points can be used to purchase any unit under the Space Category. Like before, regular points can also be used for these units. The only change is that space exclusive points may not be used for ground, air, naval or any other point category. When new players join Novos Mundos they will also have between 100 and 200 exclusive space points generated in addition to the regular point rolls.