About the Military Roleplay category

Military Roleplay serves as the category of posts that deal with military movements and engagements. Here you roleplay out the actions your forces take. Military Roleplay includes:

  • Movement of Forces
  • Military Conflicts

What does not belong into Military Roleplay:

  • Procurement of Equipment (which is Procurement)
  • Research of Equipment (which is R&D)
  • Political intent declarations regarding military and its action (These should be made in International or Internal depending on audience)

General rules to keep in mind:

  • Please make threads for seperate conflicts, not seperate fronts, seperate actions or anything.
  • Please feel free to make a catch-all thread of your military to be used for non-conflict minor movements that do not narratively warrant seperate threads. Do keep in mind that these threads still should not include things that are listed above as not belonging here.
  • Please do keep in mind that you are not allowed to RP the assets of other players. This does mean you are not allowed to RP their reactions, nor effects of your actions. Such is up to your opponent. Should you deem the results to be insufficient, feel free to argue your case with the moderators.
  • Please do not stall conflicts. Stalling conflicts will result in painful moderation interventions.
  • Please note that in this category, information by default is assumed to be encrypted and not public knowledge, unless they are reasonably obvious for general public to know, unless stated otherwise. Thus, an argument can be made that a fleet movement of multiple hundred ships past Singapore, a maritime choke point with heavy traffic is obviously known. Military communiques however are not public broadcasts just because someone didn’t write that it was encrypted.

Please do act in good faith in this topic, moderation is the happier, the less they have to solve arguments here. In case of questions, feel free to ask a moderator for help.