A Pole goes to Singapore

President Vizimir was in an odd situation, on one hand he was winning a war and thus prestige for the Polish Confederation. On the other, it was an expense that strained the greater polish economy and a recession lingered overhead. There was one nation that could prevent this, Singapore, they had been a trade power in the east for decades and even just getting a loan would buy Poland time till they could recover.
Ambassador Yuri Wojick would travel there to establish at least one of three objectives; establish a Polish Confederation embassy, arrange a loan, arrange a trade deal that enriched the polish economy.

An email and phone call would be sent ahead of Wojick’s arrival.

The preparations were made to reestablish the Polish embassy in its previous location. A meeting would be arranged with the Minister of Foreign Affairs to formally welcome the Ambassador. A quick meet and greet with the Prime Minister would be arranged during the next state event in which the Ambassador would be invited to attend.

The meeting between the two nations would be held in the headquarters building in Tanglin, just south of the famous Botanic Gardens.

OOC: Skipping to the point when the ambassador can arrive for the meeting.

Wojick, following all the embassy opening, would proceed to meet with the Singapore Minister.

“Thank you for having me here today, your country’s beauty doesn’t fail to live up to what I’ve seen in briefings.”

“I appreciate the kind words, it’s a pleasure reopening the Polish embassy after many years. It’s my understanding you’re seeking capital and a potential trade deal?”

“Yes, congress has approved me to seek out both a loan from Singapore to help sustain our economy following our war with the Germans and a trade deal to expand into the east. Specifically we’re looking to buy products in the Singapore market while conversely sell into it with own. My market analyst is curiously short of knowing what products the people of Singapore require tho but we are looking to purchase electrical equipment, machine components and medical equipment from your nation.”

“Raw materials are something we can pursue in a 1-for-1 style trade agreement.Additionally, there has been rising desire to establish manufacturing and storage facilities overseas, with Poland an ideal location. Is this something that suits your interests?”

Vizimir nodded, “It means more jobs for my people, so yes, we have numerous ports in the Confederacy that can be used as well. There’s other things but i’ll leave the market to determine them, I think there’s several auto companies wanting to enter Singapore as well as several different manufacturing companies. Otherwise there’s just one other topic, the loan we would like to request would help us pay off some intermediate debts accrued during the war with Germany. We are confident in paying it back once our markets stabilize following the conflict ending.”

“Our markets are open, so your companies can attempt to obtain market share. We are also willing to lend to help with sovereign debt.”

“The sum we were looking for is in the estimate of 23 billion Zloty or 7.6 billion Singapore dollars.”

“Monetary Authority of Singapore can arrange loans to help. While a single loan for that amount may be difficult, there should not be any issues taking out multiple loans for varying projects.”

“We can do the multiple loans then, however is easier and more refined to how you do things here.”