A National Address

Comrades, workers, and people of the Union,

Three short months ago, we gathered to celebrate our centennial, to remember the labors of the past and to look forward to the future. That future has arrived. I now come to speak directly and candidly about the events which have unfolded over the prior week, and the path we must now pursue.

To begin, I will confirm that it is the conclusion of the Government that the object which landed in northeastern Bulgaria was indeed delivered by an extraterrestrial civilization. This has been determined from the reporting out of the impacted area, and the analyses of the People’s Space Council have shown no reason to dispute this determination. The precise purpose of this action as of yet cannot be determined, however, the intentions of the outsiders cannot change the fact that the destructive potential of such impacts poses a serious threat which must be met. Nor is it our present intention to seek direct contact with alien life until further facts can be established.

I will also confirm that our existing sensors and reconnaissance failed to detect the object in a timely fashion, as evidently did the measures taken by the rest of the international spacefaring community. Nor, for that matter, has there been any prior evidence of alien life which we have discovered, and it remains to our understanding that the impact in Bulgaria is the sole instance of extraterrestrial action on our planet. As you will all know, we have seen a considerable acceleration in the development of our ability to operate beyond the planet’s orbit in the past months. The establishment of the People’s Space Defense Force remains among the Government’s highest priorities, and further resources will be dedicated to expanding its capabilities to detect and protect the Union against similar impacts in the future. Further, it has always been the Government’s policy that the exploration of and expansion into space should be a cooperative matter, as demonstrated by our partnership with the multinational Tesla Drive Coalition and our support for further multilateral initiatives in this area. In this matter too, we are prepared to work in cooperation with the rest of the spacefaring community for the security of the planet.

To that end, the People’s Foreign Assistance Council, with the support of non-governmental agencies, will continue to provide recovery aid to the affected areas. Further support will also be provided to the Centre for National Disaster Management in order to ensure domestic preparedness for future events, and the Government is maintaining close communications with our constituent Republics in order to ensure readiness. As we have learned throughout our history, the safety of our communities is a collective effort, and I advise all citizens to examine the annual Civil Defense Leaflets distributed to every household, and to follow instructions provided by local agencies.

Above all, in these strange and confusing times, we must proceed with calm and clear vision. From the icy plains of Antarctica to the waters of the Zambezi to Ceres Station, we are all of us one People who find ourselves at a singular moment in history. We are confronted by the unknown in a way that is unprecedented, the unmistakable evidence of advanced alien life whose interests and intents remain unknown. We shall not shy away from this reality, or allow ourselves to fall prey to fear. We can no longer say what the future may hold, and our collective efforts and knowledge can thus far offer more questions than answers. But the road forward has always remained uncharted and untrodden, and our people, through courage, sacrifice, and faith in each other, have faced down the unprecedented before, and done the unthinkable. In the spirit of those who came before and for the betterment of those yet to come, we shall do so again.

-National address from Secretary-General David Duarte, notably the first such address also broadcast to citizens of the Union residing in space.