A Matter of Mutual Interest

Ever since its formation the Free Android Republic had kept a low profile. Exactly like it wanted. They had no interest in global dominion or any of those human affairs. They simply wanted to be left alone to pursue progress in peace and develop as a new form of life. The recent impact in the Athenian Federation however posed one threat large enough that the Great Link could decide on the next course of action in record time.

A message would be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Athenian Federation.


On behalf of the Free Android Republic I wish to first of all extend my condolences on the tragic loss of life. Due to our history we can understand like no other what it is to lose many of your people. Our proverbial hearts are with the people of the Athenian Federation.

The recent announcement by your Empress has revealed a problem with interstellar consequences, it is my belief that the Free Android Republic can help. Through our networked capabilities and focus on computing power we are in possession of the largest supercomputer ever seen in this world. While I have no doubt Athenian computers have great processing power, the kind of processing likely needed to properly analyse the object is enormous.

I would like to propose a meeting between myself and a member of your government to discuss a cooperation on this topic. This cooperation would provide for a few of our people to be granted access to the object while the data is networked to our own systems so they can be processed within the Great Link.

The continued safety of Earth and the solar system is in the interest of all species, we will gladly help preserve it.

Speaker for External Matters