A Kingdom United Under God

OOC: This post happens in January 2100, I forgot to post it at the time.


It had been a long few years, a long few hard years. Italy had made the fatal mistake in 2085 to once again let itself fall to the lies of fascism. While the name was Vittorio Madeira now rather than Benito Mussolini, in practice there wasn’t any difference. Both men were charlatans who could only bring ruin to the Italian state. The first few years things seemed to be going better. The economy was increasing, unemployment was going down due to harsh immigration controls and even the military was reaching new heights. What the people couldn’t see however that all of this was possible due to massive lending, crushing of labour unions and outright theft of land from people that suddenly found themselves without the Italian citizenship their families might have had for generations. The regime showed its true colours in 2090 when following a massive student protest the National Police struck without mercy. By the end of the day the streets of Rome were red in the blood of thousands of students. The nation was shocked and in 2091 even the military decided he had gone too far. While the military was nearly completely united, regime spies had managed to penetrate the highest ranks and could prepare in time. Before the coup got off truly, the National Police had arrested most of the General staff involved and as the Officers and Soldiers below them were left without organization the effort collapsed. The few remaining generals and admirals not detained were forced to seek exile in Switzerland and Yugoslavia.

After the coup attempt Madeira had installed his loyalists in the military and steadily deprived it of funding to prevent it from ever regaining the power to make a second attempt. Instead the National Police would assume an ever greater role, gaining access to military equipment and even its own Air Force and Navy. The Italian Armed Forces were technically still the primary military force, but everyone knew that was a status in name only.

As the economy kept getting worse, the oppression by Madeira worsened with it. The people were getting increasingly rebellious and more and more force was needed. In 2097 the resistance finally gained a proper level of organization. The exiled Generals and Admirals had made their way back to Italy in secret, meanwhile movements of students formed in the wake of the massacre were starting to enter the civil service. Oppressed labour unions, minority groups, disgruntled workers, active duty military, all were uniting for one massive push. Even some members of the dreaded intelligence service had turned sides, finally starting to feel the pressure of the economy in their own bank accounts. What they needed now was a leader. Someone to rally behind. This person finally reached the movement through one of the leaks from the Intelligence Service. Princess Amalia Aurora Eva Sforza was the head of the defunct Italian Royal Family. The monarchy had originally been overthrown in 1990 however it had always remained popular. Amalia for her part had never supported the rule of Madeira. As soon as she could leave the country to study in France she told every outlet that listened about the atrocities in her country and her denunciation of the dictator Madeira. When she returned in secret in 2096 following the completion of her studies, she had been immediately arrested by the feared Special Interventions Division of the National Police. After being held for months in a special interrogation site for that unit she was kept in the Presidential Palace under house arrest as Madeira’s private trophy.

The movement was pragmatic enough, if she died she was the perfect martyr and if she survived a rescue attempt her story of suffering would still represent the voice of millions and be strong enough to rally the people. If nothing else she’d be the perfect figurehead for the new administration. The rescue attempt was successful, if not without cost, and the Princess had been recovered alive. After giving her some time to process her imprisonment it was time for the next stage. In 2098 Princess Amalia issued a public statement once again denouncing the regime of Vittorio Madeira and calling on the Italian people to resist his rule. While the sycophantic military leadership sided with Madeira, the rank and file members instead supported the Princess as well as the old military leadership rallied behind her. The civil war was official.

Over the next two years the fighting was hard and bloody but the rebels were steadily advancing. There was one problem with their plans though, in their arrogance and feelings of superiority they had considered the Princess just a dumb girl they could control. Nothing could be further from the truth. Through her wit, her charisma and her intelligence she rapidly turned into the true leader of the resistance. The one person that connected all the factions. The original leaders had to reluctantly accept that they would not be in control of the new Italy.

Just before Christmas 2099 it was finally over. In a final decisive battle in Palermo, the last location still under fascist control and the place where Madeira hid, the Italian Army managed to strike at the command center and take control. Before he could commit suicide Madeira was taken prisoner and transported to the Royal Palace in Caserta. In the old dungeons of that building he would now be the prisoner of Amalia. The roles had reversed one final time. In the next few days the transitional council dissolved the National Police, instituted martial law throughout the country to keep order and passed a long list of emergency laws and arrest warrants. Much was needed to clean up the country. One final measure was passed, the restoration of the monarchy. Some factions in the Council were not happy about it but even they recognized that the people would accept no one else. Democracy had failed as it had given them Madeira. What they wanted was an enlightened leader strong enough to hold the country but wise and kind enough to lead it well. The support of the Roman Catholic Church helped as well, of course. On January 10, 2100 the Transitional Council voted to restore the monarchy and give it all its powers pending a referendum on a constitution, on January 11, 2100 the Pope coronated her within St. Peter’s Basilica and on January 12, 2100 she could finally address the nation as Queen Amalia of Italy. And address them she would.

"My People,

It has been fifteen years. Fifteen long terrible years but your struggle is finally over. As we speak the final remnants of the tyrant Madeira’s rule are being removed. The tyrant himself sits in my dungeon awaiting a court by and for the people to determine his fate. His dreaded National Police and Intelligence Service are dissolved and his prisoners have been released.

Now we must move to the next chapter of this eternal revolution, rebuilding and repairing the damage. Not only physical but also to the spirit of Italy and to the people victimized by the old regime. This will likely take years to complete but it must be done so that we can truly start a new chapter.

As your Queen I will stand by you and protect your interests, no Italian shall ever again have to walk the streets in fear of random arrests. No Italian shall ever again be forced to stay silent out of fear of torture. No Italian shall ever again be deprived of their property without cause and without proper compensation. I have been a prisoner of the tyrant, I have undergone his tortures and I can never allow such a thing to happen to another person.

While I make this address I must also ask your forgiveness that you cannot taste all freedoms just yet. The collapse of the regime has left a powerful vacuum and the corruption runs deep. Until the civil service and police have been rebuilt from the ground up we need the Royal Army to maintain order. As soon as we can these soldiers will be demobilized and martial law will end. I make this pledge to you today.

Our nation is an old one. Through our veins flows the blood of Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Sicily and the Kingdom of Italy. We are a nation blessed by God. We will get through this and we will return stronger than ever. Thank you."