10 Downing Muted Response to Iberian Threats

London - Foreign Secretary Peter Martin returned from Madrid today after an unsuccessful meeting with Queen Alba of the Iberian Union. Details of the meeting are unclear, but the Foreign Office said they discussed ongoing relations, at the center of which is the territory of Gibraltar. This agrees with the Iberian summary of the meeting.

In response the Spanish government has proposed a bill sanctioning Britain and possibly closing land, sea, and air routes to Gibraltar, effectively cutting it off from Britain. the PM had no comment on the issue at this morning’s press conference. Sources inside 10 Downing suggest that the PM is concerned the Iberian will adopt a heavy handed response and does not want to inflame the situation. However officials with authority to speak on the subject did say that Spain ceded Gibraltar in perpetuity and that Britain is not obligated to renounce sovereignty over it.

Meanwhile Gibraltarans are furious. The citizens of Gibraltar see themselves as culturally different from Spain and believe that Spain has no claim over them. The local government is not happy that negotiations took place in secret without their involvement and warned that they would resign in protest if their fate was taken out of their hands.

As for what is next British military forces are likely on alert. Sources speculated that critical supplies will be allowed in, but that military armaments will be turned and British trade disrupted. As for the Prime Minister, sources close to her say she is unbowed.